So,  since we are sitting in quarantine we decided to install a new inverter so we can heat up coffee in the microwave in the morning without turning on the generator.  We chose a 3000W Xantrex since we had been very happy with the 2000W Xantrex on Senta II.  This one is hard-wired but I do not think we will wire it to automatically switch from shore to inverter power and back,  it just complicates stuff too much. 

Due to the high wattage we’ll need to replace the 12V cables that powered the old inverter.  The old cables were 1/0 AWG and the specs for this inverter calls fo 4/0 so we’ve ordered the cables and lugs and will make the replacements as soon as they arrive.  For the time being the 1/0 cables will do as we are not going to run anything larger than the microwave and according to the inverter display it draws only 1200W.

The installation was physically painful due to the contortions needed while wrestling the 20 pound box into place while holding it with one hand and holding the screwdriver in the other.  Manhandling the cables was another challenge with lots of quiet cursing.

Tomorrow we’ll do the woodworking for the inverter remote.  Looking at the picture above made me realize how much we’ve done onboard.  The battery monitor is the round display above,  the reverse air controller is the panel just above,  the new inverter remote is taking the place of the old one,  the Espar heater controller is next to the hole for the inverter remote and the solar panel monitor and power switch is to the right of that.  We have done or redone all of those systems since getting LAGOM !

Progress !