As I mentioned in the last blog entry the microwave oven draws 1250 W according to the inverter.  1250 W at 12 V is just about 104 A.  So if we run the microwave for 2 minutes to heat a cup of coffee that would draw down the batteries by about 3.5 Ah or .5% of our total battery bank capacity,  or about 1% of our usable battery bank capacity.  Not bad at all.

Maybe we’ll get to try the inverter out tomorrow !  We hope to leave for Santa Cruz Island and stay there for a few days.  Don and Sarah left at 6:20 this morning but we hadn’t finished our chores so we decided to wait a day. 

I have this thing about not wanting to have a boat that looks like something out of The Grapes Of Wrath or The Beverly Hillbillies.  I really don’t want tanks and stuff stored on deck if it can be avoided and we got Nancy an inflatable SUP so we’d be able to store it away when under way.  Today we found out how easy it really was to pack it away.

The amazing pump that came with the SUP sucked all the air out of the board in probably 5 minutes and after that we just had to roll it up and put it,  one fin and the collapsed paddle in the carrying case.  Originally I’d thought we’d put it i the dinghy on the upper deck but Nancy suggested tying it down separately.  For short trips Nancy’s solution is more convenient but of course the SUP gets less protection from the sun when lying in the mesh bag on the top deck instead of under the dinghy cover.

Another good day and we think we are ready to get in some island time !