We start over with a new chores list to get LAGOM ready !

LAGOM is actually in very good shape but she has Sooooo many systems to keep running smoothly and there are also upgrades needed before she is cruise-ready.

We also need to figure out a bunch of stuff since we have 35 years of upgrades to sort through with a lot of old decommissioned parts and wires still installed.


  1. BulletDecide how to use two extra tanks in lower aft lasarette

            Determine capacity and current plumbing

            Plumb for water ?

            Use for extra diesel ?

  1. BulletFind easily accessible storage for flopper-stoppers

  2. BulletDetermine which lines to discard

  3. BulletReplace Pelican cases in utility room with permanent drawers

  4. BulletInstall new deck lights and wire

            Put aft deck switch inside salon for activation from inside

  1. BulletFind storage for SCUBA tanks

  2. BulletFind storage for BCDs and related equipment

  3. BulletFind storage for surface air equipment

  4. BulletFind storage for wetsuits,  masks and fins

  5. BulletImprove bridge overhead wiring compartment access fasteners

  6. BulletWatermaker

            √ Placed the order 2-28-2019

            √ Delivered 4-1-2019

            √ RO membranes mounted

            √ Remote valve panel ordered and delivered.

            Need to complete but could do under way

  1. BulletVideo cameras for engine room and visibility

            Need to install and wire

  1. BulletInstall new holding tank level gauge

  2. BulletInstall new New Found Metals portholes in pilothouse

            √ Portholes recieved

            Need to install

  1. BulletGet-home electric propulsion !?

            A Toqeedo that could be bolted on in an emergency for 1-2 knots,  generator powered ?

            A 110 electric motor on its own shaft ?

  1. BulletInstall our SSB

  2. BulletReplace lights with LEDs

            √ Lights ordered and received

            √ All but two lights replaced with LEDs

  1. BulletDesign new boat-cards

  2. BulletConsider options for jacklines and tether for dinghy deck safety


  1. Bullet√ Place excess storm-anchor in storage

  2. Bullet√ Battery monitors

  3. Bullet√ Fans in stateroom

  4. Bullet√ Paravane booms need new articulating pads

            √ Keith made and installed new pads

            √ The new pads need to be notched to clear the hold-down nuts

  1. Bullet√ Replace lifelines with higher,  solid rails

            √ Keith McMillan gave us quote

            √ We removed old stations and bow pulpit

            √ We sanded down stantion footpad islands

            √ Footpads sealed with 4 coats of Smith’s

            √ Footpads sealed with 3 coat of Sikkens

            √ Rails completed and they are GREAT !

  1. Bullet√ Install 2nd fuel pump,  this one AFTER the Racors !

  2. Bullet√ Radar

  3. Bullet√ AIS

  4. Bullet√ Heading sensor

  5. Bullet√ Chartplotter

            √ Install Navnet and Ethernet connections

            √ Ethernet connections through hub works !

  1. Bullet√ Replaced fans in pilot house

  2. Bullet√ Rear door replacement

  3. Bullet√ Washer-drier

  4. Bullet√ Galley cabinetry

            √ Ordered custom cabinets from Lowes

            √ Cabinetry installed.

  1. Bullet√ New salon table

  2. Bullet√ New salon cushion upholstery

  3. Bullet√ New pilothouse cushion upholstery

  4. Bullet√ New v-berth cushion upholstery

  5. Bullet√ Porthole curtains

            √ Nancy ordered samples 2-28-2019

            √ The first two shades sent to Angela !

            √ All delivered and installed - great solution

  1. BulletConvert freezer to 12 volts

            Maybe run off inverter instead ?

  1. Bullet√ Convert head to fresh water flush

            √ New head ordered and installed

  1. Bullet√ Replaced two engine room lights with LED dome lights

            √ All engine room lights replaced with LED  dome lights,  now 6


  1. BulletReplace o-rings in diesel deck-fills

  2. BulletFix hour-meter on genset

  3. BulletInstall new diesel heater since blower died

            √ New heater received

            Need to install,  waiting for connectors from Espar

  1. BulletFix crane power connector so it doesn’t twist

  2. BulletFix spotlight,  at least the light if not control

            √ Light works but not the position control

  1. BulletPilothouse door glass replacement

            Maybe cut hole and bolt new pane on top as temporary solution

  1. BulletRemove all A/C units and install single 16,000 BTU unit under sink

  2. BulletSSB and tall VHF antenna painting

  3. BulletReinforce pilothouse to salon-roof joint

  4. BulletReplace fwd through-hull on next haulout

  5. BulletHorn repair or replacement

            √ Wrote to Buell about replacement compressor

            Buell answered that oil level needs to be checked,  too high ?


  1. Bullet√ Secured bolt on rudder arm to prevent twisting

  2. Bullet√ Replaced 3-strand twisty line on flopper-stoppers with 1/4” cable

  3. Bullet√ Replaced head macerator pump that blew up

  4. Bullet√ Replace all engine filters

  5. Bullet√ Seal crack in fridge

  6. Bullet√ Seal crack in freezer

  7. Bullet√ Diesel heat (Espar) fix

  8. Bullet√ Diesel heater smokes 4-7-2019

            √ Screen replaced,  problem resolved

            √ Blower died,  new heater ordered

  1. Bullet√ Install new FWD hailer horn

            √ Horn received

            √ Horn installed

  1. Bullet√ Install new WiFi booster to replace PDQ

            √ Rogue Wave antenna received

            √ Antenna installed and works great !

  1. Bullet√ Caprail leaks

            √ Partially done

            √ Put on 1-2 coats of Smiths

            √ Put on 4 coats (still leak)

            √ Put on 2 coats of clear CTOL

            √ Paid Steve to redo all caulk under caprail

  1. Bullet√ Pressure water pump leak/rebuild

            √ Fixed the leaking seal

  1. Bullet√ Replace broken sea water valve for A/C units

  2. Bullet√ Salt water faucet servicing

            √ Ended up replacing

  1. Bullet√ Inspect and replace paravane cables as needed

            √ Cable,  thimbles, eyelets etc. ordered

            √ Cables replaced

  1. Bullet√ Auto-pilot repair

            √ Called Benmar-Cetec repair for diagnosis

            √ Reseating all the contacts in the APU may have fixed it ?

            √ Still need to service head unit ?

            √ Head unit and 2 APUs serviced by Benmar ... fixed !


Chores for LAGOM