One thing we’ll never run out of is chores !

This page is not just here to get us sympathy but also to help keep us somewhat focused.  We actually have a Confluence Wiki where we keep our chores list but it is detailed enough to get us too depressed so we don’t use it very often (that’s Swedish humor if you didn’t get it).

We’ve just put up the “new order” to prioritize what we have to do.

The New Order:

  1. BulletRebed middle New Found Metals porthole on port side.
    Redone but not yet satisfactory

  2. BulletBilge alarm
    Done,  smoke alarm adaptation 10-13-2012.

  3. BulletRemove fold-up bunk

  4. BulletSalt water washdown

  5. BulletFresh water shower in cockpit

  6. BulletCeiling in pantry

  7. BulletLaundry hamper
    Rough install - Done 5-5-2012
    Trim and varnish - Done 5-11-2012

  8. BulletFresh water upgrade
    In-line strainer - Done
    Accumulator tank
    Pump silencing - Done but didn’t really help

  9. BulletNew battery installation - Done 11-8-2011

  10. BulletInstall Echo charger - Done 3-24-2012

  11. BulletWire solar panels - Done 11-4-2011

  12. BulletInstall battery monitor - Done 11-1-2011

  13. BulletInstall anchor windlass - Done 1-14-2012

  14. BulletWire anchor windlass - Done 1-14-2012

  15. BulletNew Main and Jib - Ordered 1-18-2012
    Delivered 2-13-2012

  16. BulletInstall Cape Horn self steering
    Cut the hole in the transom - 3-30-2012
    Done 4-18-2012 !

  17. BulletBuy and install (1500-2000 watt) Inverter - Done 2-26-2012

  18. BulletWire inverter to wall outlets
    Done - 9-20-2012

  19. BulletInstall icebox insulation
    Install foam - Done 5-5-2012
    Install lining - Done 5-6-2012
    Glass lining - Done 5-10-2012

  20. BulletInstall refrigeration
    Drill hole and route tubing - Done
    Mount condenser - Done
    Mount controller and display - Done
    Wire compressor and controller - Done

  21. BulletHook up Iridium for e-mail
    Done 6-27-2012.

  22. BulletBuy and Install SSB with modem
    Bought an Iridium Satphone in its place

  23. BulletBuy and install liferaft
    On order to be delivered 3-24-2012 ?
    Given to us by someone very nice.  On board ready to be bolted down.
    Done 4-17-2012.

  24. BulletBuy and install EPIRB - Done 3-24-2012

  25. BulletInstall watermaker
    Pump and piston installed but not wired and not plumbed
    Producing water 6-18-2012

  26. BulletInstall cutter stay

  27. BulletInstall bigger alternator - Done 3-20-2012

  28. BulletInstall smart charger - Done 3-24-2012

Major Installations:

  1. BulletCape Horn wind-vane Done 4-18-2012 !

  2. BulletElectric windlass - Done 1-14-2012

  3. BulletBalmer alternator & smart regulator (ready for installation)
    (Alternator physically installed 3-20-2012)
    Done 3-24-2012

  4. BulletDedicated starter battery (ready for installation)
    Installed two battery boxes in port lazarette (9-22-2011)
    Moved and wired batteries (11-8-2011)

  5. BulletPerko diesel/water separator/filter
    installed 3-20-2012

  6. BulletDiesel primer pump
    installed 3-20-2012

  7. BulletWatermaker (ready for installation)
    Producing water 6-18-2012

  8. BulletWhole boat water filter (ready for installation)

  9. BulletNew faucet in galley Done 9-24-2011

  10. BulletNew shower faucet in head (not yet ordered)

  11. BulletNew Vacuflush head (not yet ordered)

  12. BulletLarger holding tank,  maybe.

  13. BulletSalt water wash-down (not yet ordered)
    Through-hull installed during haulout spring 2011.
    Have pump 4-7-2012

  14. BulletSolar panels
    Ready to install,  support tubing done.
    Panels mounted but not yet wired (8-8-2011)
    Done 11-4-2011

  15. BulletBattery monitor
    Done 11-1-2011

  16. BulletSingle sideband radio (not yet ordered)
    Got an Iridium Satphone in place of the SSB.

  17. BulletRefrigerator insulation
    Installation Done 5-3-2012

  18. BulletRefrigerator liner

  19. BulletFrigoboat refrigeration (ready for installation)
    Keel cooler installed 4-2011

  20. BulletHeater (not yet ordered)

  21. BulletWater heater relief valve replacement
    (done 4-11-2011)

  22. BulletRadar,  speed and depth, GPS,  AIS B
    All done and working on 10-6-2011.

  23. BulletNew pantry in place of Norcold fridge
    Designed and cut,  front cover and doors ready (9-4-2011)
    installed 3-18-2012

  24. BulletStarboard headliner in head
    Done,  just need to varnish teak trim.
    Varnish done 10-6-2011.

  25. BulletBomon ports

  26. BulletOpening New Found Metals opening port holes (1 large & 7 smaller)

  27. BulletRebed middle New Found Metals porthole on port side.
    Redone but still not perfect

  28. BulletEcocharge (ready for installation) - Done 3-24-2012

  29. BulletElectric trolling motor charger (need to system engineer)
    Maybe a second ecocharge ?

  30. BulletNew solon table (cut to size,  being trimmed and finished)
    Need to mount extra support plate underneath.
    Done 9-26-2011.

  31. BulletNew salon seat/bench (need to measure and design)
    Done but needs varnish.
    Varnish done 10-6-2011.

  32. BulletJacklines (ready for installation)
    Done 6-19-2012

  33. BulletNew attachment for cutter stay (bought from Minnies surplus)

  34. BulletNew cutter stay furler (not yet ordered)

  35. BulletStaysail sheeting tracks (not yet ordered)



We still have not run out of chores !

My mental list of what needs to be done just couldn’t hack it so I started looking for some brain-mapping tools but the one I like was almost $200 too much at $198.  So,  I decided to revive the chores list,  but this one is for new stuff,  by month or so.

Sorted newest at the top:

January 2016

Check water maker Done 2016-3-4 
Check anchor windlass Done 2016-3-4
Secure emergency tiller in an accessible place Done 2016-2-23
Install stuffing-box external hose (for extra safety) 2.75-3” I.D.
Figure out where to stow big wrenches below cabin sole
Figure out where to stow air reservoir, compressor and Air Line equipment
Check/service main halyard winch
Replace Windex
Fix mast-head anemometer if possible
Fix engine shut-off Done 2016-1-30
Solenoid works after repeated manual plunger depressions.
Check engine start circuitry
Replace battery selector switch
Re-activate bilge alarm
Clear out hot water line for sink faucet
Change engine oil
Change transmixer oil
Replace big fenders
New UV fender covers

Never Ending Chores