The Adventure

So what do we mean when we say we want to do a World Navigation ?

Simply stated,  we have a number of places on and near the world’s seas and oceans that we want to visit,  at our pace,  in modest but relative comfort,  taking memories and pictures with us and leaving only wakes behind.

We have no desire to round Cape Horn,  visit the Middle East or get near Somalia pirate territory.

Our cast-off point is Cabrillo Marina where we currently have a wonderful slip.  Our ultimate home base on land that we will keep returning to is Gränsö outside Västervik in Sweden.

The spring of ’12 will be spent completing the outfitting and doing shakedown cruises along the California coast.  We will leave our slip at the end of March and use guest slips from Dana Point up to Ventura or Santa Barbara when we need to provision with the rest of the time at anchor or cruising.

In May or June we hope to start heading to the Pacific Northwest and join the Technomadic Flotilla circumnavigating Vancouver Island in August and September.  We might head north via Hawaii or simply go far offshore or we might do a bash up the coast stopping along the way.

We will take the Panama Canal and at least pass through the Caribbean on our way to and up the East Coast,  avoiding Florida if possible due to its cruiser-hostile laws and politics.

In the North Atlantic we would like to see Iceland,  Ireland and Scotland. 

In the North Sea we want to explore Norway and its beautifully fjord-carved coast and maybe Svalbard if our heater is up to it.

Denmark,  Sweden and Finland are of course also on the itinerary for many,  many years of summer cruising.

We’re not sure if the French canal system is a practical destination but are keeping it in mind.  We bought Bali (an Albin 25 powerboat that is as old as Senta) and might use her for the canals.

Finally,  we hope to spend winters in the Mediterranean when we are not already in some other warm place.

We do want to share the adventure not only electronically,  but also by meeting up with friends in far away places when logistics allow.