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A quick recap of the events since we moved on from iWeb, NEverweb and also moved from our beloved LAGOM in Ventura Harbor, Ca., to our even more beloved Shiplet in Suttons Bay, Mi..

We will go back and try to retroactively fill in the details in the new blog, but for now this will be the Cliffnotes.

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999 NM later !
39 Locks later !
247.1 Gallons of diesel later !
66 Days later !
30 Stops later !

We are now in the Hudson (at Rondout Yach Basin) and no longer have to worry about getting out of the Canals before they close.

We hired a captain just to have an extra hand through the Welland Canal in Canada and that worked like a charm !

The Oswego and Erie Canals were a bit more of a challenge.

Initially we did just great, getting over to the side so Nancy could grab the bow line and then kicking over the stern so I could grab the stern line.

Then, before the 3rd (?) lock in Oswego we had whitewater from the spillway cross our path and apparently it was carrying pebbles or something else very hard. I was using full rudder and the thruster to keep us from getting shoved sideways in the canal. Our fantastic bow-thruster sheared something so from that point on we were single screw sans-thruster with 25 (?) locks to go !

In lock 8 (count down from 23 in the Erie Canal) Nancy somehow managed to keep Shiplet from getting sideways in the lock despite what Windy reported as up to 32 knot gusts. It was very very close to disaster but she did it.

Once we got past lock 8 in the Erie Canal and tied up in the Schenectady YC a torrential downpour raised the water levels so we might not clear upcoming bridges and filled the water with what we came to call Jesus Logs, as in "JESUS ! Look at that one !!".

I think we stayed in the Schenectady YC for 4 nights to let the water levels subside and the debris empty out.

Back under way and with only one more lock after this one, the doors got stuck ! We had visions of having to turn around and go back to Michigan and 3000 miles around using the Mississippi, but then the gates opened.

We are tired and relieved and so very happy that we are now past the last (Troy or Federal) lock and can start thinking about where to go next, for fun, not just to beat the closing of the canals.

We got the mast raised by the good folks in Riverview.

After Riverview we proceeded to Rondout Yacht Basin where Shiplet got some much needed bottom paint and 14 + 1 zincs to prepare her for brackish and then salt water as we enter the Atlantic.

More than you wanted to know ? :-)