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The big and not so big items on our to-do list

We have always kept som kind of list to detail what we had to do to keep our boats in good shape, as close to 'Bristol' condition as practical while actually cruising.

The common joke among cruisers is that the list gets longer no matter how many items you knock off the top. On Shiplet the list should be short as she has been well maintained and is actually a very young boat, but as we have found out, she had a LOT of system replacements required as soon as we took posession.

In random order:

- Replace engine start batteries
- Replace house batteries
- Fix solar charger issue
- Fix Victron charger/inverter issue
- Replace defective Balmar smart battery charger
- Rewire faulty wiring of new 12V charger
- Reset MMSI for AIS
- Replace broken bow thruster
- Replace defective water heater
- Fix engine coolant leaks
- Watermaker refit
- Install proper dual Racor setup
- Instal Reverso oil pump system
- Dingy replacement (don't have the paperwork needed to register the current one)
- Fix/replace failed aft A/C & Freezer sump pump
- Fix anemometer
- Figure out how to get a dryer onboard
- Liferaft cannister
- Replace damaged turn-buckle and backstays
- Install paravanes
- Table in salon/saloon
- Poäng or similar chair(s) in the saloon/salon
- Weather station
- Install battery monitors (12V, 24V house & 24V starter)
- Tablette for cockpit
- Replace failed galley exhaust fan
- Replace fan in PH that burned up
- Replace defective microwave (turntable doesn't work so can't be used for cooking)
- Wiffee booster installation
- Replace LED lights throughout
- Instal SSB and antenna
- Tuch up rust/paint issues
- Get spares for everything

Not so big: